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Key Features

Property Management System integrated Front Office, Back Office, Banquet Management, Fixed Asset Management, Point of Sales, Booking Engine, Channel Management

Trobex Systems

Trobex Property Management System helps Simplify Business IT by Simplified Management.
Designed and priced for small to large hotel with up to thousand rooms, Trobex Systems deliver from basic to enterprise-class Hospitality Management System in an affordable, all-in-one property management applications solution. Reduce administration costs by using an intuitive graphical user interface. Increase Business Productivity by receiving real-time business insight. Available in a variety of options tailored to your budget and your needs.
  • Front Office Module

    • Graphical Room Charting

      Graphical Room Chart View will display room status (expected arrival, in-house, check-out, out of order) in very intuitive ways. Simply right clicking on the Room Chart can access almost all Front Office operations.


    • DnR (Do not Rent) Warning

      Automatically warns user whenever a new reservation is made on behalf of a blacklisted profile. Warning also repeated and prevent receptionist checked-in blacklisted profile before open bill is settled on the spot.


    • Guest Profile History

      Trobex keeps unlimited guest profile history, reservationists or receptionists can easily track where, when, at what rate a room was sold to.


    • Fast Guest Check-In

      Guest registration is fast and simple with the Trobex Front Office module.
      Features include:

      • Quick location and assignment of clean rooms
      • Pre-assign room numbers, expediting the registration process
      • Various reports are available

      If your property handles extensive walk-in business, it is critical to quickly satisfy the guest’s requirements. All available rooms of a given room type can be quickly displayed, with the “clean and ready” rooms highlighted.

    • Fast Guest Check-Out

      Guests are checked-out quickly and efficiently. Folios can be printed before, during, or after checkout.


    • Powerful Share-with Features

      The system has extensive support for share-with (two or more guests in the same room) guests.
      Features include:

      • Unlimited share-with per room
      • Each share-with can have their own folio with split room charges
      • Each share-with has a separate guest history record for mass mailings and Email marketing
      • All share-with appear on guest ledger
      • Share-with can be established when reservation is made, at check-in, or on arrival
    • Automatic Rate Breakdown

      Trobex Systems automatically breaks down rates daily during length of stay. Customer can easily adjust rate as needed.


    • Easy Night Audit Process

      Trobex Systems automatically post revenue during night audit process. Night audit will be stopped at anytime detecting transaction problem and ask night auditor to resolve the issue with related department.


    • Deposits Automatically Transferred

      When the guest checks-in the total advance deposit is automatically transferred from the advance deposit ledger to the in-house guest ledger. This automatic transfer simplifies night audit balancing. After transferring the balance, the advance deposit displays on the guest folio as a credit.


    • Posting Charges to Guest Folios

      Charges posted to guest folios directly at any time during the day. Each charge is assigned to a revenue center, such as room revenue, room service, phone charges, bar, etc. Unlimited different revenue centers are allowed. Charges are handled as follows:

      • All charges instantly update guest folio
      • Charges can be posted to unlimited share-with per room
      • All charges are itemized on the guest folio
      • All guest charges are automatically added to revenue center totals
      • The Daily Manager’s Report shows daily, month-to-date, and year-todate revenue totals
      • All guest charges automatically appear on the balanced general ledger entry for the day
    • Automatic Posting of Room & Tax

      The system can automatically post room and tax to 800 guests in less than a minute. These charges can be coded to bill the guest, group leader, company, wholesaler, or pre deduct travel agent. Packages are also posted automatically on a daily basis.


    • Cashier Balancing Reports

      Every transaction is automatically stamped with the employee’s initials, ensuring accurate cash drawer balancing and providing a fraud and theft deterrent. Cashier reports are printed quickly to help balance cash drawers and close three shifts per day.


    • City Ledger Interface

      The Front Office income auditor system is interfaced city ledger to account receivable.
      Features include:

      • Automatic Transfer to the city ledger at checkout process
      • AR aging reports at 30, 60, 90, and over 90 days
      • Each transaction code can have a different GL account assigned
      • On-Line inquiry of every general ledger transaction available historically
      • Advance Deposit Ledger, Guest Ledger, City Ledger
    • Linen & Laundry Management

      Linen & Laundry management module looks after the process of hotel & guest laundry with ease.

    • Condominium and Timeshare

      Trobex Systems offers modules for Condominium Owner Accounting and Timeshare owner accounting. The Front Office and night audit systems are fully interfaced to these modules.


  • Back Office Module

    • Hotel Accounting System

      Trobex Back Office automatically records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, profit & lost, and balance sheet.
      Features include:

      General Ledger

      • General Journal
      • Setting Budget


      • Stock Mutation
      • Stock Opname
      • Stock Adjustment


      • Purchase Request
      • Purchase Order
      • Market List
      • Purchase Receive
      • Purchase Return

      Account Payable

      • Account Payable
      • Credit Memo

      Account Receivable

      • Account Receivable
      • Debit Memo

      Cash Management

      • Cash Receipt
      • Cash Payment
      • Cash Transaction

      Fixed Asset

      • FA Database
      • FA Purchase
      • FA Sales
      • FA Depreciation


      • General Ledger
      • Inventory
      • Purchasing
      • Account Payable
      • Account Receivable
      • Cash Management
      • Fixed Asset
  • Reservations System

    • Booking Engine, Channel Manager, GDS, IDS

      The Front Office system is fully integrated with the Reservations Module. A unique reservation number is assigned to every reservation in each property. This number is used as the confirmation number, folio number, and reservation number for easy tracking. Cancelled reservations can be reinstated at check-in if needed.


  • Hotel CRM

    • CRM, Membership, Smart E-mail

      Trobex Hotel CRM is an integrated Customer Relation Management Systems designed to help hotels keep in-touch with their guests and enables hotels to manage membership/ club and such loyalty program, Insider discount and promotion. With Trobex Booking Engine integration, Trobex Hotel CRM will capture guest profile and greets them with pre-arrival e-mail with personalized content and “Thank you e-mail” will be sent when guest check-out.

  • Fixed Asset Management

    • Computerized Maintenance Management System

      Trobex Asset Management is designed to track service desk calls and work orders from inception to finalresolution, remedial and preventive maintenance schedule.
      Features include:

      • Asset Tracking.
      • Work Order & Maintenance Record.
  • Point of Sales

    • Outlet POS Dual GUI

      Dual GUI (Graphical User Interface) offers the flexibility of POS usage on your property. Our integrated Point of Sales System can be used for any outlet type, such as: Restaurants & Bars, SPA, Drugstore & Retail, etc. You can either utilize touch screen based POS machine or, if you prefer, a PC based system. Especially for Restaurant POS it is Inclusive either kitchen display or kitchen printer.


  • Banquet Management

    • Event, Venue & Catering

      Integrated Banquet Management System for booking: events, venue, establishing the F&B menu, equipment, entertainment and calculating all pricing including taxes and suggested gratuities. In addition a worksheet for all staff requirements is produced.
      The system has extensive support for managing bookings and services including:

      • Reservations
      • Event Management Packages
  • Interfacing

    • KeyCard

      By interfacing to key card, Trobex Systems helps receptionist to accelerate the guest check-in process. The Key card will be automatically generated on guest check-in, and cancelled after guest check-out. Duplicating keys or encoding One time key is simply a right click away.


    • Interactive SMS Gateway

      Owner or manager can inquiry short statistical overview through SMS command,
      such as:

      • Today’s Revenue & Occupancy
      • Month to date Revenue & Occupancy
      • Other customized short report
    • PABX Interface & Billing

      Automatic add Guest phone call charging to Guest folio


    • In-room Entertainment System

      Turn hotel in-room TV into in-room Point of Sales. TV with PMS integrated Set-Top box will greets guest when it’s turned on, It allows guests to order room services, F&B, massage, spa services, on demand movies. Guest also may check or inquiry their bills or folios balance during their stay.


    • Mikrotik Hotspot Integration

      Upon accessing your hotspot, guest is automatically redirected to your self-branded login page. To get the Internet access, guest may login with an existing room number, or by enter a Guest Name or custom predefined format. Login info can be distributed automatically via SMS or E-mail when receptionist checked-in the reservation to minimize human error.